Giving back to our communities or those in need is a learned behaviour.  According to Aaron Hanson, Director of Development at Shriners for Children Medical Center. “It is the developmental milestone of putting others before oneself is significant and can be a predictor of greater generosity, positivity, perseverance and altruism later in life.”

At Centres for Early Learning, engaging children to become mindful and caring adults is an important developmental goal that we aspire to pass on to the children in our care.  This includes education on kindness, empathy and social connection.

Teach Kindness by Means of Positive Reinforcement

Children can be involved in a variety of charitable endeavours, regardless of their age.  Studies have shown that young children experience happiness when they participate in the act of giving.

In order to foster the cognitive-behavioural connection for children to value the act of giving, positive reinforcement is extremely important. As educators our role is to model and encourage this feeling with our children in our philanthropic activities.

Teach Empathy to Kids Through Volunteering

Children who are engaged with their communities and/or who want to help others in need develop characteristics of empathy and compassion.  Opportunities to have children volunteer reinforces these values.

Centres for Early Learning Give Back Way of Life

Our purpose at Centres for Early Learning is Enriching Lives.  We are extremely dedicated in living our values, and therefore have connected with World Vision Canada whose goal is transforming the lives of children and their communities through child sponsorships.  In 2012 we sponsored our first child.

We are pleased to introduce Ikbal Baco

Ikbal was born on November 2, 2009.  He lives with his parents and brother in Indonesia.  He is currently enrolled in grade 2 and his favourite subject is Art.  He is in good health and loves to play outdoors.

In 2015, we extended our support with the sponsorship of another child.

Please meet Anastazia Paul

Anastazia was born on September 5, 2013.  She lives with her parents and two sisters in the United Republic of Tanzania.  She is currently not enrolled in school as she is too young. She loves to play with dolls.

We are fortunate that we are able to continue to support and sponsor children like Ikbal and Anastazia in World Visions mission to restore the lives of children in need.

Ikbal Baco
Anastazia Paul

In addition to our global goodwill, we also take an active role in service activities in our local communities such as but not limited to:

  • Toronto Integrational Partnerships in Community – our preschool children volunteering at True Davidson Acres Home for the Aged, by spending time and participating in collaborative activities with the seniors in our communities
  • Participation in both Sick Kids and ADCO (Association of Daycare Operators of Ontario) Walkathons
  • Local Food and Toy Drives throughout the year – donations are typically given to local community shelters
  • Adopt-a-family program through the Children’s Aid Society
  • Contributing to our communities through clean-up days for parks and other public areas picking up litter and planting gardens
  • Hosting bake sales for good causes such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) by adopting a grey wolf in the wild, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder, and local hospital children’s units, etc.


Our Education team is committed to both the Early Childhood Education profession and their continued learning in order to provide a high standard of care and education to the children and families in our communities.  As set out in the College of Early Childhood Educators Act, it is important for Educators to continue to increase their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

Centres for Early Learning facilitates and supports our Education staff in their Professional Development.  Annually staff participate in various In-house trainings and workshops such as but not limited to:

  • Specialized Infant CPR and First Aid
  • Child Abuse Prevention and Compliance
  • Behaviour Guidance
  • Inclusion
  • Centres for Early Learning Annual Learning Conference
  • Additional professional development trainings that will facilitate learning experiences


Nutrition in infancy is necessary to their growth and development.  We understand that nutrition needs vary, therefore we have partnered with Wholesome Kids Catering to help us deliver a balanced menu meeting both the developmental and regulatory requirements for the children in our care.

We offer a 4-week rotational menu, providing morning and afternoon snacks as well as hot lunches developed by nutrition experts and meeting the Canada’s Food Guide and Child Care Early Years Act.  We also have the ability to accommodate most allergy and food restrictions as Wholesome Kids Catering provides children with healthy alternatives as needed.

Each centre has a trained Food Handler on site while food is being served to ensure all food safety standards are met.

For a copy of our Menus, please contact us

Parent Teacher Partnerships

As your Trusted Partner, our staff are committed to maintaining daily communication with you. Effective communication is essential for building educator-family partnerships. It’s the foundation for all other forms of family involvement in offering education and care for your child. Parent-educator relationships are built over time through consistent communication, collaboration & creative planning to ensure your child’s success.

At the beginning and end of each day your child’s teacher will want to meet with you briefly to discuss anything pertinent about your child’s day including special activities, programs, developmental success and any incidents or concerns.  We encourage you to provide education team with any relevant information about your child while at home (sleep patterns, last meal, changes at home, behaviour/moods, etc.).

Parent/s are strongly encouraged to be actively involved in Centres for Early Learning programs, activities, etc.  Interested parents can act as a great resource by sharing their input, ideas and advice which will help us meet our goal of providing the highest quality services to all our families.

Our commitment to you is to offer support and resources regarding your child’s development through:

  • Child’s Portfolio,
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Workshop Events
  • Nippising Developmental screens
  • Staying informed about your child’s experiences using our Hi Mama app which connects our program to you through digital communications such as real time photos and videos
  • Support for Early Intervention if needed


  • The last two and a half years have been wonderful for Asharib. I still remember the 1st day when I dropped him at daycare and how scared we both were. But he had learned so much in the past 2 years & I am glad that I decided to send him to Lori Gardens. Special thanks to all of Asharib’s teachers for taking such good care of him teaching him manners and always trying to make his day fun & exciting. Thank you so much for everything!

  • 45 years of excellence is a great achievement. Congratulations! We will continue to support your growth. Together stronger!

    Kyle & Kendrick’s Family

  • Happy 45th Anniversary to the Dawes Road Center for Early Learning staff team.

    Adonias & Genet

  • Happy 45th Anniversary CFEL.

    You guys rock! Thank you for being a warm, safe and happy place my kids love coming to.

    Cassidy, Kilani, and Nikki

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