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At Centres for Early Learning, we are your Trusted Partner, providing an enriching environment where children grow and excel! Read what parents are saying about our values in action…
Collaboration - Our teams work to bring out the best in others. Constantly working with enthusiasm.

At Lori Garden Centre, teachers work very hard to build a loving relationship with the children. The teachers are very professional and phenomenal. Lori Garden Centre puts your mind at ease by creating a nurturing learning environment. My daughter is in the infant class and the teachers are doing an amazing job to assist her. Thanks!

The staff are excellent and show genuine care. The programme of activities is fantastic. The level of communication from the centre team is great. Ms. Kim is incredible. It looks great...you and your group did a GREAT job!!!! Thank you for all your help

Fully Engaged - We put our whole selves in to everything we do, never compromising our standards, expectations, or the trust placed in us.

We would like to give our many thanks to Ms Rose, Director at Lori Gardens and her entire staff for the good job they have done to my children, especially my boy Jeffrey. Jeffrey started day care 3 years ago and was unable to speak clearly. But with the help from Lori Garden staffs and Ms Rose, he is now speaking clearly, making good sentences, big improvement - and it happened like a miracle! Thank you again! We appreciate all the good job that Ms Rose & her staff did for us.

I found the centre very friendly, staff are caring and overall a good environment. Aadi is happy to be at the centre and he loves his teachers. Thanks for caring hime and for being his first teachers. Being a mother, I am happy about the services and the care.

Make an Impact - We make meaningful contributions for our children and families, always looking for the win/win solutions.

Palisades Centres has been my kids day care provider for approximately 5 years. Palisades not only makes sure that the day care is safe environment but creates a full learning environment which challenges my kids. The day care is set up around learning challenges and developing high self-esteem. Palisades teaches through the following although and not limit to: homework;games;educational toys; field trips to library. I highly recommend Palisades centres to anyone.

I am very happy Xavier is developing and learning new skills in school. I am also delighted that Xavier's teacher has developed a lot of positive rapport with him, which contributes to his first learning ability. The teachers are very informed, educated respectful and associate with my son in a perfect way that makes me very happy. Please keep up the good work!.

Excelling - At Centres for Early Learning we are proud professionals who set high goals and then work toward achieving them through constant effort and innovation.

CFEL was the best choices for me among others in terms of ranking, curriculum, development and social interaction. The environment is very conclusive for children to grow and to be nurtured in a very positive way especially as they are at a stage where the foundation has to be set. The teachers have been wonderful, caring,  and very helpful in taking care of my son's needs. I would recommend CFEL to anyone!

Good management. The teachers are very helpful & the children learn a lot from them. The teachers help the children with homework which is so helpful to the working parents. Keep up!

Integrity - At Centres for Early Learning we make a conscious decision to act with integrity. To us this means acting with the courage to do what is right.

We were lucky to have had found CFEL. Teachers helped my son in his development academically and with his communication, building relationship with other children. The support is very much appreciated especially for a single parent. Keep up the good work and all the best to you all!

The day care has became our family home. Because Centres for Early Learning stands for what the name means. Our children learn very good behaviour and this place help our children. I will not hesitate to refer anybody regarding the teachers. The whole team were great and excellent. We as parents as well as the children love their teachers. That's why our children don't want to miss the day care. Please keep up the good work!

Growing - At Centres for Early Learning we embrace new ideas, people and opportunities. We grow by challenging the status quo and by capturing the learning in everything we do.

I am very proud to say my daughter Aaliyah attends Sandalwood CFEL in the junior toddler classroom. Aaliyah enjoys coming to he daycare, walks into her classroom, waves bye bye with a smile on her face. Her teachers, Ms Tima and Ms Francesca are both doing an amazing job with Aaliyah. She is able to do sign languages, comes home singing nursery rhymes. Her vocabulary increases each day and knows the names of all other children in her classroom. I am very proud of the success my daughter has achieved over these9 months at Sandalwood. I would recommend others to enroll. Thanks YOU!

I see a lot of development with my daughter fine motor skills and her interaction with her sister and other children. I really appreciate the time, the love and the dedication that put into my baby! Thank YOU!!